This year our Team Room will be run by the splendid Royston Ladies Circle. Come and join them for a cup of tea and homemade cake.

Royston Ladies Circle is a club for women aged 18-45, who want to make new and lasting friendships, and experience new things while giving something back into the community by doing charity work. We are an inclusive club, always open to new members from different backgrounds and walks of life. The Royston Ladies Circle is part of the National Ladies Circle Network, and actively participates in regional and national events. We are supported by the associated organizations of Round Table, 41 Club, and Tangent.

During the whole year, there are activities which can offer various experiences, such as rock climbing, archery, pamper evenings, recipe swap, cocktail evenings… There is something for every taste and preference. We meet twice a month, on Thursdays.

Aside from social activities, RLC is dedicated to charity work, and regularly organizes and participates in charity events. We have a main Charity of the Year, to whom we donate most of the proceedings of the charity work. This year we are supporting Royston and District Community Transport. The remainder of the proceedings goes to other charity organizations we support.

If you want to enrich your social life and help the community at the same time, join us and be a part of Royston Ladies Circle. Learn more about us on

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